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Investment: Pricing starts at $5,500*

The blissful
wedding experience

Our signature package, the Blissful wedding experience, is really sought after. Couples who choose it appreciate time well spent, and do not want to waste it. They are often busy professionals who are looking for a planner they can trust with their wedding vision and dream. Efficient planning is what makes your wedding run smoothly. From matching you with the right vendors that fit your wedding style, we assist with every logistical detail such as reviewing contracts, defining your budget, arranging hotel blocks, assembling favors, getting your wedding license, getting your photography permits, and welcoming your wedding guests. We will handle each detail every step of the way so that you can enjoy your walk down to "I DO".




On Wedding Day

Your wedding is like no other! It's not just a wedding day, it's a whole wedding experience that we take seriously and handle with professionalism. On your wedding day, we give the best of us so that you and your guests can look back and still be amazed and in awe for years to come. For months we work with the best vendors so that they can provide the best service you can think of on your special day. And while coordinating your vendors, we act as their primary point of contact, as well as for your guests so you can relax and enjoy the experience.
Any hiccups? You won't have to worry about it! We cannot stop the rain (or can we?) but we make sure we carry an extensive emergency kit to protect you and make sure you look good all day long! 

Yes, it's your wedding, but no, you do not have to do it all! It takes a really organized eye, a high logistical expert to bring together the kind of day you've been dreaming of, and with everything going on in your personal and professional life, you deserve, let's say that "fairy God team" that will constitute of the right vendors that will match your wedding style. From the beginning of your planning journey you can count on us to understand your wedding style, create a personalized proposal, find the venue of your dreams. Whether you want to be fully involved or just slightly  involved in the planning, we will adopt a communication style that works for you. Small or big, we handle every details of your planning journey with Transparency, Authenticity and Grace. 

We are those people who think of everything. Add-ons can be the perfect addition to ease your mind on your wedding day.
Our most popular add-ons include:

Attendance of bridal appointments
Bridal Suite Concierge
Pre-wedding event planning and coordination
Rehearsal Dinner planning and/or coordination
Post-wedding brunch planning and/or coordination
Additional Wedding Specialist



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